WordPress struggles

27 Oct

So I start ma blog. What could be easier than that… It soon dawned on me that i need some WordPress training to get the best outta this platform. I’m currently in communication with WP it support. Can’t upload images and the facility to add web link isn’t working. I hear you cry out user error!! Your probably correct. Been scratching my head for the last 2days to no avail. But fear not WordPressers I’m on it 100%. So over the coming days my content will become richer.
This week i got soaked to the bone running so made some Jamaican lamb neck purple pea soup. Just what I needed to restore my Nrg back.
As you all know the UK is gonna get wet, wild & windy. So I beat the wind & hit the road @8am. I’m thinking what hurricane. It was gorgeous out with the sun beating down on my NewBalance 1026 supported running shoes. Ran 3miles in 25minutes. Saw 5 other runners out doing there thing &there was the mutual customary acknowledgement. Not forgetting the chap walking his dog sporting his Derby 10k 2012 running top. Well the windows are battened down in readiness of “The Storm”. WordPress swotting do & possibly an early morning run. But i don’t fancy being hit by a wheelie bin or a razor sharp tile of someone’s roof… Have a safe evening/night/morning.

tsl – 160 days to go


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